Root Tutoring: Connect and Succeed

For my creative project, I have designed a piece of educational technology that will make it easier and more efficient to succeed academically. It is a mobile phone application for the purpose of improving the process for students in need of academic coaching to find and connect with available tutors in a faster, cheaper, and more flexible way. The website called allowed me to deploy a number of different engaging strategies to create an app with my minimal coding background.

The application itself functions similar to Uber. Using GPS location on your phone, a map will appear that shows any tutors near by. The user would theoretically have the ability to filter by class subject to see who is around that will be able to help on their specific needs. Next, you can click through available tutors to look at ratings and qualifications. And finally, you request a meeting time, either immediately or in the future and the tutor can accept or decline, much like an Uber driver would.

I came up with this idea because through my own experience, I have noticed how difficult it can be to take a large chunk out of your week to connect with a tutor. Many times, it is simply one or two questions that need to be answered quickly, and you may not know ahead of time that you will need help. That’s where Root comes in. It allows the students to have access to a tutor on a moments notice. And only charges you for the amount of time that you need. For the tutors, it allows them to have the flexibility of being “available” but while still doing their own work until someone requests their assistance. It brings the convenience of technology into the educational system which in many cases is lacking.


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