Wireless Internet – It’s Like Oxygen

I have decided to follow the Wall Street Journal for my news source for the semester. I chose this specific source because I have found that it contains the most relevant articles and resources to my interests all across the board, and usually does a pretty good job on keeping an unbiased perspective when discussing any issues. More importantly, it offers pieces on markets, business, technology, politics, world news, and more; I think it is important to have a basic understanding and awareness of anything going on, even if it is not directly impacting you. I appreciate the wide variety of news that is available through the WSJ.

The article I chose to discuss for this week’s blog post is titled, “From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to 5G, All Your Wireless Is About to Change.” It is a very interesting article about the changes happening in in regards to wireless internet capabilities. There are more internet-enabled devices in use in the world than ever before and the number is growing at a rapid rate. “Billions of smart-home sensors, industrial devices, and artificially intelligent computers…” (Pierce) are being developed and brought into the market. The system that that exists today to handle cellular coverage and wireless internet is simply underpowered for the necessary volume. In the coming years, carriers will continue to roll out true, standalone 5G networks that will provide the fastest, most consistent internet seen to date. However, this requires significant improvements to the infrastructure like adding small routers all over to accommodate the short frequency radio waves which is highly costly. There are several other improvements on the horizon such as the Bluetooth 5 and Wifi 6. These all will cause major improvements in household activities, large crowd use such as airports and stadiums, and any other internet use.

This article is extremely relevant to our class, as everything we are talking about in our society that relates to digital media is communicated through the internet. It is important to have access and highly capable technology to feed our growing appetite for streaming, scrolling, and downloading. “you likely never think about [wireless internet], so long as it’s working. It’s like oxygen: You take it for granted until it’s gone—and panic sets in” (Pierce). This idea really grabbed me: we are so used to having the internet everywhere we go, but we forget that it’s really only in the last 15 years or so that this became mainstream. And with higher expectations, the base system is required to keep up the computing and processing power.

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