Education Technology: Implementation and Applications

The education system has long been overdue for an update. Many systems in place, especially in public schools, are years behind in efficiency and can be slow to assimilate new technologies that can help in organization, learning, and engagement. Since my time as an elementary school student, however, I have witnessed first-hand as technology slowly … More Education Technology: Implementation and Applications

Annotated Bibliography

Abbott, Judy A. and Saundra E. Faris. “Integrating Technology into Preservice Literacy Instructions: A survey of Elementary Education Students’ Attitudes toward Computers”. Journal of Research on Computing in Education, Volume 33, 2000 – Issue 2, February 24, 2014, Pages 149-161, Taylor & Francis Online, As technology is being integrated into education programs more and … More Annotated Bibliography

Augmented Reality: Microsoft HoloLens

In the so-called “post-smartphone era,” many experts believe that augmented reality is going to be the next impact development in the technology market. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft revealed the new version of their augmented reality headset, the HoloLens. However, they changed their approach in how they are marketing it. Instead of … More Augmented Reality: Microsoft HoloLens

Final Project Proposal

For my semester long project, I have chosen the topic of education technology. We have seen many developments in this area recently in all levels of school from elementary up through college. As technology continues to improve, it continues to be implemented into our schools systems. I think it is a very interesting topic to … More Final Project Proposal